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Founder MasterMind.

The MinnoTank Mastermind is built for founders looking for a strategic partner. As a founder you are faced with unique challenges, and expected to have a seemingly limitless knowledge of finance and beyond. Join our community of Founders building amazing businesses, and leverage the knowledge and connections of MinnoTank.


Our Slack Community

Join our slack community to participate in weekly discussions, learn from other founders that are building tech startups, hear network only investor insights as well as connect directly with the MinnoTank team.

Strategic Advisory

What should our updated pricing be? 

Should we raise equity or debt? 

Am I raising enough money? 

All great questions, all situationally specific. Building a successful tech startup takes extensive strategic positioning, and laser focus to achieve growth. By joining the MinnoTank Mastermind you get unlimited access to MinnoTank as an advisor to your company. If we have a connection, know a founder who can help or have some ideas of how to creatively solve that problem, we are here for you. 


Ask Me Anything Culture

Do you feel like you missed the part where you were supposed to get an MBA before starting a startup? Do you struggle with valuations, equity, cap tables and generally stress about the massive component finance plays in your business? 


Ask MinnoTank all your questions. Big, small, complex, simple. All are welcome in our community, and we will progressively build content to answer those questions in-depth for you in the future. 

1 on 1 Strategy: Unlimited

Joining the MinnoTank Mastermind and adding MinnoTank to your strategic advisory team gives you access to:

  • Unlimited Email Communication
  • Unlimited Rapid-Response Slack Communication
  • Unlimited Slack Network Access
  • Two 30 Minute 1 on 1 Strategy Calls, per month


All Stages Welcome

Although MinnoTank's show is specifically for early stage tech startups currently raising capital, we realize that there are a large majority of startups that are looking to raise capital in the future. 

Therefor the MinnoTank Mastermind is built of Startup Founders that are currently raising capital, Founders planning to raise capital and Founders that have already raised capital. 

Fixed Price: Unlimited Strategy

MinnoTank's fixed price is $599 per month, with no contract. 

Our goal is to provide cost-effective strategic council to our network without breaking the bank. 

MinnoTank reserves the right to deny access to applicants that are not within the technology community, and that do not fit our mastermind mission.