Dema Poppa, CEO


Elevator Pitch | Dema Poppa | CEO

When you're changing a multi-billion dollar medical technology industry, it's hard to explain in under 2 minutes.

But thankfully, Dema Poppa does! Check out Dema's elevator pitch and his other get to know Invio more at

Deck Pitch | Dema Poppa | CEO

The use of paper in medical trials kills more than 20,000+ people per year.

Don't believe it?

Listen to Dema Poppa with more than 10+ years of experience explain why he and his team are revolutionizing the medical trail industry. Check out this med tech pitch and more on

Founder Interview | Dema Poppa | CEO

Join Ken G. Barton and Dema Poppa for a conversation about why Dema and his team are uniquely positioned to succeed in this space.

With more than a decade of experience, I am confident that Dema is going to change the industry.


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