Genius Behind PilatesMetrics

Distilling Data from Yoga, Pilates, TRX and so much more. That is the genius behind PilatesMetrics.

1. How MinnoTank found PilatesMetrics

Minnotank would like to make a big shout out and thank you to the team at, Travis Steffen and Morgan Brady for sending PilatesMetrics our way. 

After a short interview, we realized that PilatesMetrics is a fantastic opportunity for the MinnoTank investor community to take a look at the world of creating data in the 13+ billion dollar industry of Yoga & Pilates, where there previously was no data. 

2. Why MinnoTank featured PilatesMetrics

MinnoTank works hard to find tech startups who meet our expectations: 

A.  The startup is currently raising capital

B. The startup has a lead investor already secured

C. Have a highly scalable business model

On average in 2018, MinnoTank has received between 5 to 20 applications on a weekly basis to pitch on MinnoTank. Our goal is to build an investor community with intention and work hard to push forward the best deals we come across. 

3. Why they are a fantastic investment opportunity

There is no denying the value of 'big data' as we look at the FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) all being powerhouses in the industry. 

But when you find a team that recognizes a missing link in the market like this, you simply must take a deeper look. Here is the premise that the MinnoTank team sees at the marketplace that PilatesMetrics is playing in: 

  • Pilates, Yoga, TRX & other body modality instructors lack the resources and tools to communicate to their clients exactly what their exercises are accomplishing and prove the value of the exercise. PilatesMetrics is that solutions. 
  • Insurance Companies are looking for any way they can to save money. With millions of data points available, analytics on the value of preventative care like Yoga & Pilates and machine learning and predictive analytics to flesh out strategies to optimize health, PilatesMetrics has found a very attractive niche. 

What's most important though is PilatesMetrics is not only already generating revenue but has secured partnerships with ClubPilates. Joseph and his team have made strategic decisions to set up PilatesMetrics for success. 

Thanks again Joseph, and thank you to the team for sending Pilates Metrics our way. 

-Ken G. Barton | CEO | Founder of MinnoTank

Please do remember that these are the opinions of myself, and this is not investment advice. Any investment decision should be made after ample due diligence.