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Meet More Angels

Help your Cohort Meet More Angel Investors

MinnoTank is a network of hundreds of angel investors looking to find new opportunities across the USA. 

Investors tune into MinnoTank featured companies on a weekly basis to find new and interested deal flow, 100% free. 

Provide high quality video to your cohort

The PDF pitchdeck is a tired game. Just ask Brittany Baretto after she raised $550,000 by utilizing our high quality video to enhance her pitch when connecting with angel investors. 

MinnoTank not only provides a platform to feature your accelerator cohort's pitches, but brings out the authentic story of how they started their business and why they can do nothing else with their life. 

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High Quality Video Content


Grow Your Accelerator

Grow your Accelerator Following though Video Content

The best possible marketing for an accelerator is the cohort that you are hosting, and the funding they receive. 

But what is your team doing to leverage these assets? 

Does your cohort capture the authentic story of each founder, and produce it into video content to help them acquire more customers & investors?