About Us

MinnoTank was built for a simple purpose:

Connect more investors to more startups faster.

We have a few core concepts that drive our mission. 




Venture capital and startup investors are very exclusive, and difficult to break into. As a new angel investor, it's hard to find opportunities outside your local ecosystem to invest or keep tabs on what's happening in other tech ecosystems.

MinnoTank wants to decentralize pitching by bringing pitches online. By allowing thousands of other founders, tech enthusiasts and investors to see a startup's pitch, the likelihood of a startup connecting with an interested investor is exponentially better. 


Startup investing is a bit biased. 

Biased to the tune of 9 cents of every $1 invested into startups go to minority founders. Minority founders include: Female founders, People of Color, and LGBTQ+ or the Homosexual community)

So how does MinnoTank solve this problem? 

MinnoTank shows preference to minority founders, and it's paying off. Check out MinnoTank's first successful funding after pitching on our platform: Brittany Baretto, PhD, Co-Founder of Pheramor raised $500,000+ and attributes success to Minnotank.


Bridging The Gap

Startups want to meet more investors.

Investors want to meet more startups.

But for an investor to see a startup pitch, 99% of the time they need to be face to face with that startup; usually at a pitch event. 

For a startup to get in front of an investor, there are travel costs, hotel costs, logistics and a litany of other barriers to start a conversation with that investor. 

MinnoTank is a network of investors, founders and tech enthusiasts that work together to amplify the pitch of founders to get to a 1 on 1 faster. 

The future is crowdfunding

Angel investing is a large-check form of crowdfunding. 

We believe that in the future: angel investors, venture capitalists and average people should have the ability to invest in early stage tech startups together. 

MinnoTank is building the network to create the most successful crowdfunding platform in history. Interested in being a part of our netwr